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AFSM 2024

The 18th Asian Federation of Sports Medicine Congress

The Asian Federation of Sports Medicine Congress, organized biennially, is a marquee event in the realm of sports medicine. The forthcoming 18th edition, AFSM 2024, hosted by MASM, is poised to be a watershed moment in sports medicine and exercise science. AFSM 2024 will stand as the gold standard, convening a diverse assembly of professionals—from sports clinicians and scientists to sports trainers, physiotherapists, rehabilitators, pharmacists, allied health professionals, athletes' entourages, and coaches. The congress will feature leading experts and renowned speakers from across the globe, offering a rich mosaic of knowledge and expertise.

Additionally, elite athletes and distinguished sports administrators will enrich the event, providing invaluable insights that will enhance our comprehension of the dynamic world of sports. This congress underscores our dedication to nurturing an all-encompassing sports ecosystem. We foresee a future where sports transcend mere medal pursuits, emphasizing safeguarding, integrity, ethics, transparency, and unity. Let us unite in this pivotal journey to sculpt a sports world that genuinely embodies noble values.


International Federation of Sports Medicine

The International Federation of Sports Medicine / Fédération Internationale de Médécine du Sport (FIMS) was established in 1928, shortly after the first Olympic Games as we know them today had been held. Physicians from eleven countries founded the “Association Internationale Médico-Sportive” (AIMS), the name was later changed. Today, FIMS is a structured and well-organised international association, strongly committed to the promotion and development of Sports Medicine throughout the world. FIMS is home to four Continental Sports Medicine Associations and 117 National Sports Medicine Associations worldwide, uniting 125.000 sports physicians from 117 countries.

Recognised by the IOC, the IPC and an Associate Member of SportAccord, FIMS actively networks and links with all relevant international sports and political organisations. The purpose and administration of FIMS is clearly set out in its Statutes and By-Laws. FIMS' educational function is strongly promoted through its courses (Team Physician Development Courses and more recently further course models) and pubications (FIMS Team Physician Manual), regional and international events, a biannual World Congress etc., and the publication of clinical scientific information related to sports medicine (FIMS Position Statements). For additional information, please check out www.fims.org

The Team

Executive Committee 2022 - 2026

  • President:
    Fabio Pigozzi (Italy)
  • Secretary General:
    José Kawazoe Lazzoli (Brazil)
  • Treasurer:
    André Debruyne (Belgium)
  • Honorary President:
    Eduardo H De Rose (Brazil)
  • Vice President
    1. Nobert Bachl (Austria)
    2. Maher Zahar (Tunisia)
    3. Patrick Yung Shu Hang (Hong Kong)
    4. Rafael Augusto Robles Cabrera (Guatemala)
  • Elected Members
    1. Khaled Massoud Hassan Hussein (Egypt)
    2. William Oliver Roberts (USA)
    3. Ana Virginia Cintron-Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
    4. Minhao Xie (China)
    5. Klaus-Michael Braumann, Germany
    6. Anca Lonescu (Romania)
    7. Pedro Manonelles Marqueta (Spain)
    8. Andrew Jowett (Australia)
  • Commission Chairs
    1. Scientific Commission
      Yannis Pitsiladis (Germany)
    2. Education Commission
      Demetri Constantinou (South Africa)
    3. Interfederal Commission
      Christian Schneider (Germany)
    4. Development Commission
      Maurizio Casasco (Italy)
  • Co-opted Members
    1. Representative of the Association of International Olympic Winter Federations (AIOWF): Christian Schneider (Germany)
    2. Representative of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF): Xavier Bigard (France)
    3. Representative of the International Olympic Committee (IOC): Lars Engebretsen (Norway)
    4. Representative of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC): Wayne Derman (South Africa)
    5. Representative of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA): Alan Vernac (Canada)
    6. Coordination of the C.C.S.M. Headquarters Project: Guo-Ping Li (China)


Asian Federation of Sports Medicine

The Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM) is a non-profit scientific organization that was inaugurated in 1990 at the time of the 11th Asian Games in Beijing. AFSM is one of the multi-national continental federations under the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) supervision. Its constitution, by-laws, executive, and commission structures are built in accordance with the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) statute and principles of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The mission of AFSM is to foster the development of sports medicine in Asia for sporting excellence and health for all. AFSM is committed to enhancing sports medicine facilities across Asia, developing sport-specific medical protocols, and upholding strict medical ethics. They actively combat drug abuse in sports by adhering to international anti-doping standards. The federation fosters collaboration and communication among sports science disciplines, sets guidelines for sports medicine practices, and promotes research partnerships among member nations. They also prioritize modernizing sports medicine services, organizing educational events, and publishing pertinent literature to advance the field. To get more details, kindly access www.afsmsportsmed.org

The Team

Executive Committee 2022 - 2026

  • Honorary President
    1. Mohammad Razi (Iran)
    2. Guoping Li (China)
    3. Patrick Yung Shu Hang (Hong Kong)
  • President
    Minhao Xie (China)
  • President-Elect
    Raymond So (Hong Kong)
  • Vice President
    1. Ahmad Bin Nasser (Saudi Arabia)
    2. Joo Han Oh (South Korea)
    3. Pinit Kullavanijaya (Thailand)
    4. Talia Alenabi (Iran)
    5. Ucksy Mallick (Pakistan)
  • Secretary-General
    E.B.S. Ramanathan (Oman)
  • Treasurer
    Gary Mark (Hong Kong)
  • Executive Members
    1. Abdullah Alrahoomi (UAE)
    2. Ead Lorprayoon (Thailand)
    3. Essam Mohamed Mohamed Shaaban (Brunei)
    4. Jin Su Kim (South Korea)
    5. JingBin Zhou (China)
    6. Roshanak Moradi (Iran)
    7. Sung-Kai Lin (Chinese Taipei)
    8. Upul Madahapola (Sri Lanka)
  • Standing Commissions
    1. Education and Scientific Commission
      1. Chairperson: Chanakarn Phornphutkul (Thailand)
      2. Chairperson: Seung Hoon Han (South Korea)
      3. Vice Chairperson: Alston Choong (Malaysia)
      4. Vice Chairperson: Emad Mallick (Pakistan)
    2. Liaison and Anti-Doping Commissions
      1. Chairperson: Gholamreza Norouzi (Iran)
      2. Chairperson: Hilary Inwood (Thailand)
      3. Vice Chairperson: Dinesh Sirisena (Singapore)
      4. Vice Chairperson: Sivarman Arumugam (India)
  • Co-opted Member
    1. Chan Kin Yuen (Malaysia)
    2. Hashel AlTunaiji (UAE)
    3. Jaspal Singh Sandhu (India)
    4. Kanming Mok (Hong Kong)
    5. Pieter D’Hooghe (Qatar/ Belgium)


Malaysian Association of Sports Medicine

Established in 1973, the Malaysian Association of Sports Medicine (MASM) stands as a testament to the vision of luminaries like Tan Sri Majid Ismail, Tan Sri Jegathesan, Prof. Dr. Chan Onn Leng, and Dr. T. Thinakaran. Affiliated with esteemed bodies like the Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM), the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS), and the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), MASM unites a diverse array of professionals, from orthopaedic surgeons to sports scientists.

With a mission to educate and support both athletes and the general public, MASM emphasizes the importance of regular physical activity, champions a culture of health and wellness, and actively combats non-communicable diseases. As a leading voice in sports medicine, MASM is in with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) in promoting safe sports and fair play and serves as a potential consultative body to the government. Committed to the advancement of sports and exercise medicine, the association organises educational events, fosters knowledge dissemination, and aids in establishing regional subcommittees to amplify its impact across Malaysia. For further information, kindly visit www.malaysiansportsmed.org

The Team

Council Members 2022 - 2024

  • President
    Abdul Halim Mokhtar
  • Vice President
    1. Chan Kin Yuen
    2. Alston Choong
    3. Mahenderan Appukutty
  • Honorary Secretary
    Goh Siew Li
  • Assistant Secretary
    Catherine Choong Qian Yi
  • Honorary Treasurer
    Denise Koh Choon Lian
  • Ordinary Committee Member
    1. Raja Mohammed Firhad Raja Azidin
    2. Udesh Chaskar
    3. Pabrinder Kaur
    4. Faiz Baharudin
    5. Kiran Kandiah
    6. Zulezwan Ab. Malik